A Delegation from University Malaysia Terengganu Visits our University-天津农学院国际交流处
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A Delegation from University Malaysia Terengganu Visits our University
2019-08-12 15:41  

On August 6, a delegation led by President Noraieni of University Malaysia Terengganu visited our university。 President YanwenWang of TJAU cordially met with the visitors。

During the meeting,YanwenWang extended a warm welcome to President Noraieni and his delegation. He briefed the delegation on the history of our university, the construction of key disciplines, and our scientific and educational cooperation with the Belt and Road countries including Thailand, Pakistan, Vietnam and Laos. He also suggested that the two sides discuss possible science and education projects and carry out cooperation from point to point.President Noraieni introduced the recent development of University Malaysia Terengganu and pointed out that there are many similar subjects between the two universities. She welcomed relevant experts of TJAU to visit University Malaysia Terengganu in the form of visiting professors and hoped that both sides can steadily promote credit exchange and scientific research cooperation and make new achievements on the basis of existing cooperation projects.Under the witness of the leaders of the two universities, Professor XidongWu , Dean of the College of Agronomy and Resources and Environment, and Yeong Yik Sung, the researcher of University Malaysia Terengganu, signed a letter of intent for cooperation。 After the meeting, the delegation visited the key laboratories and science and education platforms of TJAU。

The heads of relevant departments such as the International Office, the Science and Technology Department, the Educational Administration Office, and the College of Agriculture, Resources and Environment attended the meeting.



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