“Tianjin-Tokyo University 2019 Sino-Japanese Cooperation Seminar” was Successfully Held in Our University.-天津农学院国际交流处
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“Tianjin-Tokyo University 2019 Sino-Japanese Cooperation Seminar” was Successfully Held in Our University.
2019-09-09 08:51 Science and Technology Department College of Economics and Management 

On September 15-17, the “Tianjin-Tokyo University 2019 Sino-Japanese Cooperation Seminar” was successfully held in our university。 More than 30 Japanese experts from the Global Environmental Strategy Research Institute (IGES), the University of Tokyo's Future Development Research Center, universities of Tianjin, Tianjin Agricultural Research Institute and Beijing Normal University attended the meeting。

At the meeting, ZhiyiWang, deputy director of Tianjin Agricultural and Rural Committee, YanwenWang , deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin Agricultural University, professors from the researcher of the Earth Environment Strategyand the University of Tokyo delivered speeches respectively.

Zhiyi Wangbriefly reviewed the fruitful results of close cooperation between Tianjin and the University of Tokyo in the fields of rice, rural sewage treatment, breeding waste and rural garbage disposal in the past 15 years, affirming the cooperation and exchange project to promote the sustainable integration of urban and rural areas in Tianjin, and said that the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Committee of Tianjin will continue to support cooperation with the University of Tokyo.

YanwenWang expressed warm welcome to the Japanese experts and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Committee and the Municipal Food Group for their long-term support. He appreciated the research results represented by the cooperation between Chinese and Japanese experts on the theory and technology of high-quality rice production, and the recent “Climate Change Impact Project on Norovirus and Human Health” cooperated by China, Japan,Cambodia and Vietnam。 The university will continue to actively encourage and support teachers to participate in the Tianjin-Tokyo University cooperation and exchange project based on the continuous development of urban and rural integration, in order to promote our university to expand the scope of international scientific research cooperation, and further enhance the relevant discipline construction and teaching and research level。

The conference focused on the theme of cooperation between “urban and rural integration and sustainable development”。 Experts published their own research results and academic ideas, and launched a display exchange。Experts from China and Japan respectively recommend “Quality Rice Research and Development and Tianjin Small Station Rice Revitalization”,Researchon the Fifth Environmental Basic Plan and Regional Circulation Coexistence Circle”, “Tianjin Rural Ecological Environment Management Technology Research”, "Restoration and Environmental Monitoring of Shellfish Resources in Tianjin Near Beach" and so on. This cooperation seminar has achieved the purpose of exchanging academic research information and promoting in-depth cooperation.

The conference was hosted by Tianjin Agricultural University and hosted by JingCui, chief expert of the International Joint Research Center for Food Science and Technology Innovation and Achievement Transformation.



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